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2016 WDF Asia-Pacific Cup Singles Results

Last 24 Group
1Shingo Enomata133108
2Justin Thompson14688
3Shahin Hoseini11746
4FB Leung10826
5Kawa Ng314-112
6Jaeyong Jeong215-130
FB Leung3 V 2Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson3 V 1Shingo Enomata
Justin Thompson3 V 0Jaeyong Jeong
Justin Thompson3 V 2Shahin Hoseini
Justin Thompson3 V 0Kawa Ng
Shingo Enomata3 V 0FB Leung
Shingo Enomata3 V 0Jaeyong Jeong
Shingo Enomata3 V 0Shahin Hoseini
Shingo Enomata3 V 0Kawa Ng
FB Leung3 V 0Jaeyong Jeong
Shahin Hoseini3 V 1FB Leung
FB Leung3 V 0Kawa Ng
Shahin Hoseini3 V 0Jaeyong Jeong
Kawa Ng3 V 2Jaeyong Jeong
Shahin Hoseini3 V 0Kawa Ng
1Peter Machin1531210
2Ho-Yin Shek14598
3Hosein Karasgani811-34
4Kiyoung Kim811-34
5Katsuya Aiba913-44
6Ernesto Ho415-110
Peter Machin3 V 2Ho-Yin Shek
Peter Machin3 V 1Katsuya Aiba
Peter Machin3 V 0Kiyoung Kim
Peter Machin3 V 0Hosein Karasgani
Peter Machin3 V 0Ernesto Ho
Ho-Yin Shek3 V 1Katsuya Aiba
Ho-Yin Shek3 V 0Kiyoung Kim
Ho-Yin Shek3 V 0Hosein Karasgani
Ho-Yin Shek3 V 1Ernesto Ho
Kiyoung Kim3 V 1Katsuya Aiba
Katsuya Aiba3 V 2Hosein Karasgani
Katsuya Aiba3 V 2Ernesto Ho
Hosein Karasgani3 V 2Kiyoung Kim
Kiyoung Kim3 V 1Ernesto Ho
Hosein Karasgani3 V 0Ernesto Ho
1Raymond Smith1531210
2Scott MacKenzie12488
3Hiromitsu Tsuji10916
4Alireza Izadi1012-24
5Richar Edwards514-92
6Nick Choi515-100
Raymond Smith3 V 0Scott MacKenzie
Raymond Smith3 V 0Hiromitsu Tsuji
Raymond Smith3 V 0Richar Edwards
Raymond Smith3 V 2Alireza Izadi
Raymond Smith3 V 1Nick Choi
Scott MacKenzie3 V 1Hiromitsu Tsuji
Scott MacKenzie3 V 0Richar Edwards
Scott MacKenzie3 V 0Alireza Izadi
Scott MacKenzie3 V 0Nick Choi
Hiromitsu Tsuji3 V 1Richar Edwards
Hiromitsu Tsuji3 V 2Alireza Izadi
Hiromitsu Tsuji3 V 0Nick Choi
Alireza Izadi3 V 1Richar Edwards
Richar Edwards3 V 2Nick Choi
Alireza Izadi3 V 2Nick Choi
1Adam Rowe1551010
2Joey Tam13948
3Hiroto Ichimiya12756
4Vincent Lam89-14
5Dowook Jeon613-72
6Mansoor Mohajjelin415-110
Adam Rowe3 V 1Joey Tam
Adam Rowe3 V 2Hiroto Ichimiya
Adam Rowe3 V 2Dowook Jeon
Adam Rowe3 V 0Mansoor Mohajjelin
Adam Rowe3 V 0Vincent Lam
Joey Tam3 V 1Hiroto Ichimiya
Joey Tam3 V 1Dowook Jeon
Joey Tam3 V 2Mansoor Mohajjelin
Joey Tam3 V 2Vincent Lam
Hiroto Ichimiya3 V 0Dowook Jeon
Hiroto Ichimiya3 V 1Mansoor Mohajjelin
Hiroto Ichimiya3 V 0Vincent Lam
Dowook Jeon3 V 1Mansoor Mohajjelin
Vincent Lam3 V 0Dowook Jeon
Vincent Lam3 V 0Mansoor Mohajjelin
Last 16
Justin ThompsonBeatAlireza Izadi
Hiroto IchimiyaBeatHo-Yin Shek
Katsuya AibaBeatJoey Tam
Raymond SmithBeatFB Leung
Peter MachinBeatVincent Lam
Hiromitsu TsujiBeatShingo Enomata
Scott MacKenzieBeatShahin Hoseini
Adam RoweBeatHosein Karasgani
Quarter Final
Justin ThompsonBeatHiroto Ichimiya
Katsuya AibaBeatRaymond Smith
Peter MachinBeatHiromitsu Tsuji
Adam RoweBeatScott MacKenzie
Semi Final
Justin ThompsonBeatKatsuya Aiba
Peter MachinBeatAdam Rowe
Justin ThompsonBeatPeter Machin
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