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The Darts Event Calendar shows all the events from the major Darts organisations for this year and previous years. Click on the event date to show the results of an event. Clicking on the tournament name will show you the history of a particular tournament. You can click on the prize fund to see the sponsor and prize money breakdown for a particular event.

Year     Organisation 

DateTournamentCategoryPrize FundWinner
13/12/2019-01/01/2020PDC World ChampionshipWC£2,500,000Peter Wright
16/01/2020PDC Tour Card European Qualifying School 1QSE£0Harald Leitinger
16/01/2020PDC Tour Card UK Qualifying School 1QSU£0 
17/01/2020PDC Tour Card European Qualifying School 2QSE£0Mike de Decker
17/01/2020PDC Tour Card UK Qualifying School 2QSU£0 
18/01/2020PDC Tour Card European Qualifying School 3QSE£0Karel Sedlacek
18/01/2020PDC Tour Card UK Qualifying School 3QSU£0 
19/01/2020PDC Tour Card European Qualifying School 4QSE£0Steffen Siepmann
19/01/2020PDC Tour Card UK Qualifying School 4QSU£0 
31/01/2020-02/02/2020The MastersU£200,000Peter Wright
08/02/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 1Pro Tour£75,000Gary Anderson
09/02/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 2Pro Tour£75,000Nathan Aspinall
14/02/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 1QU£0 
14/02/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 2QU£0 
15/02/2020PDPA Players Championship Wigan 3Pro Tour£75,000Ryan Searle
16/02/2020PDPA Players Championship Wigan 4Pro Tour£75,000Krzysztof Ratajski
22/02/2020PDPA Players Championship Wigan 5Pro Tour£75,000Peter Wright
23/02/2020PDC UK Open Amateur QualifiersQ£0 
23/02/2020PDPA Players Championship Wigan 6Pro Tour£75,000Gerwyn Price
27/02/2020PDC Belgian Darts Championship Belgian QualifierQN£0 
28/02/2020-01/03/2020PDC Belgian Darts ChampionshipET£140,000Gerwyn Price
06/03/2020-08/03/2020UK OpenPremier£450,000Michael van Gerwen
13/03/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 3QU£0 
13/03/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 4QU£0 
14/03/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 7Pro Tour£75,000Nathan Aspinall
15/03/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 8Pro Tour£75,000Ian White
19/03/2020PDC European Darts Grand Prix German QualifierQN£0 
20/03/2020-22/03/2020PDC European Darts Grand PrixET£140,000 
26/03/2020PDC European Darts Open German Qualifier 4QN£0 
27/03/2020-29/03/2020PDC European Darts OpenET£140,000 
04/04/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 9Pro Tour£75,000 
05/04/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 10Pro Tour£75,000 
06/04/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 5QU£0 
06/04/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 6QU£0 
10/04/2020PDC German Darts Grand Prix German QualifierQN£0 
11/04/2020-13/04/2020PDC German Darts Grand PrixET£140,000 
17/04/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 7QU£0 
18/04/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 11Pro Tour£75,000 
19/04/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 12Pro Tour£75,000 
30/04/2020PDC Austrian Darts Open Austrian QualifierQN£0 
01/05/2020-03/05/2020PDC Austrian Darts OpenET£140,000 
07/05/2020PDC Hungarian Darts Trophy Hungarian QualifierQN£0 
08/05/2020-10/05/2020PDC Hungarian Darts TrophyET£140,000 
15/05/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 8QU£0 
16/05/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 13Pro Tour£75,000 
17/05/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 14Pro Tour£75,000 
06/02/2020-21/05/2020Premier LeagueU£825,000 
21/05/2020PDC International Darts Open German QualifierQN£0 
22/05/2020-24/05/2020PDC International Darts OpenET£140,000 
30/05/2020PDPA Players Championship Germany 15Pro Tour£75,000 
31/05/2020PDPA Players Championship Germany 16Pro Tour£75,000 
17/04/2020-05/06/2020PDC Home TourUUnknownNathan Aspinall
05/06/2020-06/06/2020US Darts MastersU£60,000 
12/06/2020-13/06/2020PDC Nordic MastersU£60,000 
13/06/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 17Pro Tour£75,000 
14/06/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 18Pro Tour£75,000 
15/06/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 9QU£0 
15/06/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 10QU£0 
18/06/2020-21/06/2020PDC World Cup of DartsU£350,000 
25/06/2020PDC European Masters German QualifierQN£0 
26/06/2020-28/06/2020PDC European MastersET£140,000 
02/07/2020PDC German Darts Championship German QualifierQN£0 
03/07/2020-05/07/2020PDC German Darts ChampionshipET£140,000 
08/07/2020PDC Summer Series 1Pro Tour£75,000Michael van Gerwen
09/07/2020PDC German Open German QualifierQN£0 
09/07/2020PDC Summer Series 2Pro Tour£75,000Ryan Joyce
10/07/2020PDC Summer Series 3Pro Tour£75,000Michael van Gerwen
11/07/2020PDC Summer Series 4Pro Tour£75,000James Wade
10/07/2020-12/07/2020PDC German OpenET£140,000 
12/07/2020PDC Summer Series 5Pro Tour£75,000Peter Wright
18/07/2020-26/07/2020World MatchplayPremier£700,000Dimitri van den Bergh
01/08/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 19Pro Tour£75,000 
02/08/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 20Pro Tour£75,000 
(07/08/2020-08/08/2020)Brisbane MastersU£60,000 
(14/08/2020-15/08/2020)Melbourne MastersU£60,000 
21/08/2020-22/08/2020PDC New Zealand MastersU£60,000 
28/08/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 11QU£0 
28/08/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 12QU£0 
29/08/2020PDPA Players Championship Germany 21Pro Tour£75,000 
30/08/2020PDPA Players Championship Germany 22Pro Tour£75,000 
05/09/2020-06/09/2020Champions League of DartsU£250,000 
07/09/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 23Pro Tour£75,000 
08/09/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 24Pro Tour£75,000 
09/09/2020World Series Of Darts Finals QualifierQ£0 
10/09/2020PDC Dutch Darts Masters Dutch QualifierQN£0 
11/09/2020-13/09/2020PDC Dutch Darts MastersET£140,000 
15/09/2020PDPA Players Championship Netherlands 25Pro Tour£75,000 
16/09/2020PDPA Players Championship Netherlands 26Pro Tour£75,000 
18/09/2020-20/09/2020World Series Of Darts FinalsU£300,000 
24/09/2020PDC Gibraltar Darts Trophy Gibraltar QualifierQN£0 
25/09/2020-27/09/2020PDC Gibraltar Darts TrophyET£140,000 
01/10/2020PDC European Tour Card Holder Qualifier 13QU£0 
02/10/2020PDPA Players Championship Ireland 27Pro Tour£75,000 
03/10/2020PDPA Players Championship Ireland 28Pro Tour£75,000 
04/10/2020-10/10/2020World Grand PrixPremier£450,000 
15/10/2020PDC Czech Open Czech QualifierQN£0 
16/10/2020-18/10/2020PDC Czech OpenET£140,000 
29/10/2020-01/11/2020European ChampionshipPremier£500,000 
04/11/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 29Pro Tour£75,000 
05/11/2020PDPA Players Championship Barnsley 30Pro Tour£75,000 
06/11/2020Grand Slam Wild Card QualifierQ£0 
14/11/2020-22/11/2020Grand Slam Of DartsPremier£550,000 
27/11/2020-29/11/2020Players Championship FinalsPremier£500,000 
29/11/2020PDC Youth World ChampionshipU£60,000 
30/11/2020PDC World Championship QualifiersU£0 
(13/12/2020-01/01/2021)PDC World ChampionshipWC£2,500,000 
 TOTAL PRIZE FUND £12,380,000 


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