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2020 Premier League Results

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League 10
1Glen Durrant82552719
2Gary Anderson7368515
3Michael van Gerwen7164714
4Gerwyn Price71591213
5Nathan Aspinall7471313
6Peter Wright7067312
7Michael Smith6866211
8Daryl Gurney6076-168
9Rob Cross4458-145
10Luke Humphries7522
11Fallon Sherrock6601
12Stephen Bunting6601
13Willie O Connor47-30
14John Henderson37-40
15Chris Dobey27-50
16Jeffrey de Zwaan17-60
17Jonny Clayton17-60
18Jermaine Wattimena07-70
(95.01)   Glen Durrant7 V 3Michael Smith   (95.41)
(94.71)   Gary Anderson7 V 5Daryl Gurney   (91.65)
(104.13)   Michael van Gerwen7 V 5Peter Wright   (97.71)
(89.19)   Nathan Aspinall7 V 3John Henderson   (81.93)
(95.86)   Gerwyn Price6 V 6Rob Cross   (100.10)
(94.71)   Rob Cross7 V 5Nathan Aspinall   (95.48)
(98.11)   Gerwyn Price6 V 6Michael Smith   (101.71)
(95.58)   Gary Anderson6 V 6Peter Wright   (88.72)
(92.21)   Glen Durrant6 V 6Fallon Sherrock   (87.36)
(105.05)   Michael van Gerwen7 V 1Daryl Gurney   (93.92)
(101.95)   Peter Wright7 V 5Rob Cross   (90.13)
(105.51)   Michael Smith7 V 1Jonny Clayton   (97.44)
(101.12)   Nathan Aspinall7 V 5Michael van Gerwen   (97.61)
(97.46)   Daryl Gurney6 V 6Gerwyn Price   (93.70)
(97.24)   Glen Durrant7 V 4Gary Anderson   (96.89)
(93.82)   Nathan Aspinall7 V 5Glen Durrant   (92.81)
(97.77)   Gary Anderson7 V 5Rob Cross   (91.36)
(88.76)   Michael Smith7 V 5Daryl Gurney   (85.98)
(97.62)   Michael van Gerwen7 V 4Willie O Connor   (95.31)
(98.75)   Gerwyn Price7 V 1Peter Wright   (83.59)
(98.55)   Rob Cross6 V 6Daryl Gurney   (94.88)
(100.76)   Glen Durrant7 V 3Gerwyn Price   (96.68)
(110.00)   Peter Wright7 V 3Nathan Aspinall   (99.67)
(88.67)   Luke Humphries7 V 5Gary Anderson   (87.76)
(95.42)   Michael Smith7 V 4Michael van Gerwen   (99.43)
(100.78)   Peter Wright7 V 4Michael Smith   (94.00)
(95.39)   Glen Durrant7 V 5Daryl Gurney   (95.43)
(106.27)   Michael van Gerwen7 V 5Gerwyn Price   (98.07)
(90.14)   Rob Cross6 V 6Stephen Bunting   (91.25)
(94.27)   Gary Anderson6 V 6Nathan Aspinall   (107.64)
(109.24)   Gary Anderson7 V 3Michael Smith   (107.02)
(103.37)   Michael van Gerwen7 V 2Rob Cross   (89.48)
(97.82)   Nathan Aspinall7 V 4Gerwyn Price   (96.33)
(86.88)   Daryl Gurney7 V 2Chris Dobey   (79.01)
(99.96)   Peter Wright6 V 6Glen Durrant   (102.43)
(99.16)   Gerwyn Price7 V 1Gary Anderson   (95.53)
(97.95)   Daryl Gurney7 V 5Nathan Aspinall   (103.01)
(96.57)   Michael Smith7 V 3Rob Cross   (93.61)
(104.43)   Glen Durrant7 V 3Michael van Gerwen   (98.18)
(102.26)   Peter Wright7 V 1Jeffrey de Zwaan   (92.05)
(102.96)   Nathan Aspinall7 V 5Michael Smith   (102.06)
(99.77)   Gary Anderson7 V 4Michael van Gerwen   (95.21)
(102.15)   Gerwyn Price7 V 0Jermaine Wattimena   (81.24)
(99.21)   Peter Wright7 V 4Daryl Gurney   (91.90)
(106.02)   Glen Durrant7 V 4Rob Cross   (103.97)
(98.56)   Glen Durrant8 V 4Gerwyn Price   (93.46)
(101.19)   Gary Anderson8 V 5Peter Wright   (101.54)
(95.33)   Michael van Gerwen8 V 6Nathan Aspinall   (96.09)
(94.02)   Michael Smith8 V 3Daryl Gurney   (88.13)
(94.83)   Daryl Gurney8 V 6Peter Wright   (103.07)
(96.46)   Nathan Aspinall8 V 6Michael Smith   (93.74)
(95.80)   Gary Anderson7 V 7Glen Durrant   (97.01)
(95.81)   Gerwyn Price8 V 4Michael van Gerwen   (99.19)
(101.36)   Gary Anderson8 V 6Nathan Aspinall   (98.18)
(106.83)   Gerwyn Price8 V 6Peter Wright   (107.37)
(102.35)   Michael van Gerwen8 V 5Michael Smith   (99.75)
(102.00)   Glen Durrant8 V 3Daryl Gurney   (97.72)
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