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2010 WDF Asia-Pacific Cup Singles Results

Last 20 Group
1Atsushi Takeuchi12578
2Anthony Fleet7614
3Scott MacKenzie89-14
4Seong Hoo Back710-32
5Greg Moss610-42
Greg Moss3 V 1Anthony Fleet
Atsushi Takeuchi3 V 0Anthony Fleet
Anthony Fleet3 V 0Scott MacKenzie
Anthony Fleet3 V 0Seong Hoo Back
Atsushi Takeuchi3 V 1Greg Moss
Scott MacKenzie3 V 1Greg Moss
Seong Hoo Back3 V 1Greg Moss
Atsushi Takeuchi3 V 2Scott MacKenzie
Atsushi Takeuchi3 V 2Seong Hoo Back
Scott MacKenzie3 V 2Seong Hoo Back
1Kyle Anderson11476
2Bernie Smith9636
3Taro Yachi8714
4Hyun Chul Park89-14
5Joe Tan Wai Hong212-100
Kyle Anderson3 V 0Bernie Smith
Kyle Anderson3 V 0Taro Yachi
Kyle Anderson3 V 1Joe Tan Wai Hong
Hyun Chul Park3 V 2Kyle Anderson
Bernie Smith3 V 2Taro Yachi
Bernie Smith3 V 0Joe Tan Wai Hong
Bernie Smith3 V 1Hyun Chul Park
Taro Yachi3 V 0Joe Tan Wai Hong
Taro Yachi3 V 1Hyun Chul Park
Hyun Chul Park3 V 1Joe Tan Wai Hong
1Morihiro Hashimoto12488
2Koha Kokiri9546
3Geoff Kime9634
4Stephen Tam510-52
5Byung Koo Kang212-100
Koha Kokiri3 V 1Geoff Kime
Morihiro Hashimoto3 V 2Geoff Kime
Geoff Kime3 V 0Stephen Tam
Geoff Kime3 V 0Byung Koo Kang
Morihiro Hashimoto3 V 0Koha Kokiri
Koha Kokiri3 V 1Stephen Tam
Koha Kokiri3 V 0Byung Koo Kang
Morihiro Hashimoto3 V 1Stephen Tam
Morihiro Hashimoto3 V 1Byung Koo Kang
Stephen Tam3 V 1Byung Koo Kang
1Beau Anderson12488
2Royden Lam10736
3Rob Szabo89-14
4Kenichi Ajiki810-22
5Yoon Seon Yeo412-80
Beau Anderson3 V 1Rob Szabo
Beau Anderson3 V 2Kenichi Ajiki
Beau Anderson3 V 1Royden Lam
Beau Anderson3 V 0Yoon Seon Yeo
Rob Szabo3 V 1Kenichi Ajiki
Royden Lam3 V 1Rob Szabo
Rob Szabo3 V 2Yoon Seon Yeo
Royden Lam3 V 2Kenichi Ajiki
Kenichi Ajiki3 V 1Yoon Seon Yeo
Royden Lam3 V 1Yoon Seon Yeo
Last 16
Atsushi Takeuchi3 V 2Stephen Tam
Rob Szabo3 V 0Bernie Smith
Royden Lam3 V 0Taro Yachi
Morihiro Hashimoto3 V 1Seong Hoo Back
Kenichi Ajiki3 V 2Kyle Anderson
Anthony Fleet3 V 2Geoff Kime
Koha Kokiri3 V 2Scott MacKenzie
Beau Anderson3 V 2Hyun Chul Park
Quarter Final
Rob Szabo3 V 2Atsushi Takeuchi
Morihiro Hashimoto3 V 0Royden Lam
Anthony Fleet3 V 0Kenichi Ajiki
Koha Kokiri3 V 1Beau Anderson
Semi Final
Morihiro Hashimoto3 V 0Rob Szabo
Koha Kokiri3 V 2Anthony Fleet
Koha Kokiri4 V 1Morihiro Hashimoto
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