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2006 WDF Asia-Pacific Cup Singles Results

Last 40 Group
1Amin Abdul Ghani121118
2Graeme McElroy8804
3Stephen Tam8804
4Ghiasvand Nima910-14
5Muhammad Arshad212-100
Amin Abdul Ghani3 V 0Graeme McElroy
Amin Abdul Ghani3 V 0Stephen Tam
Amin Abdul Ghani3 V 0Muhammad Arshad
Amin Abdul Ghani3 V 1Ghiasvand Nima
Graeme McElroy3 V 2Stephen Tam
Graeme McElroy3 V 0Muhammad Arshad
Stephen Tam3 V 0Muhammad Arshad
Stephen Tam3 V 2Ghiasvand Nima
Ghiasvand Nima3 V 2Graeme McElroy
Ghiasvand Nima3 V 2Muhammad Arshad
1Bobby Concepcion122108
2Hiroshi Watanobe11656
3Dason Richard Lionel8624
4Serabah Hj Abas310-72
5Nanda Kumar212-100
Bobby Concepcion3 V 2Hiroshi Watanobe
Bobby Concepcion3 V 0Serabah Hj Abas
Bobby Concepcion3 V 0Dason Richard Lionel
Bobby Concepcion3 V 0Nanda Kumar
Hiroshi Watanobe3 V 0Serabah Hj Abas
Hiroshi Watanobe3 V 2Dason Richard Lionel
Hiroshi Watanobe3 V 1Nanda Kumar
Dason Richard Lionel3 V 0Serabah Hj Abas
Dason Richard Lionel3 V 0Nanda Kumar
Serabah Hj Abas3 V 1Nanda Kumar
1Warren Parry10376
2Selbaraju Subramaniam9366
3Leo Ching King Hang9636
4Moosavi Maziar49-52
5Muhammad Akhter Saeed112-110
Warren Parry3 V 0Selbaraju Subramaniam
Warren Parry3 V 0Muhammad Akhter Saeed
Warren Parry3 V 0Moosavi Maziar
Selbaraju Subramaniam3 V 0Leo Ching King Hang
Selbaraju Subramaniam3 V 0Muhammad Akhter Saeed
Selbaraju Subramaniam3 V 0Moosavi Maziar
Leo Ching King Hang3 V 1Warren Parry
Leo Ching King Hang3 V 1Muhammad Akhter Saeed
Leo Ching King Hang3 V 1Moosavi Maziar
Moosavi Maziar3 V 0Muhammad Akhter Saeed
1Rajanderan V Rajoo122108
2Ronald L Briones10556
3Taro Yachi67-14
4Andy Sham Hj Samsudin69-32
5Mohan Kumar Goel112-110
Rajanderan V Rajoo3 V 0Taro Yachi
Rajanderan V Rajoo3 V 1Andy Sham Hj Samsudin
Rajanderan V Rajoo3 V 0Mohan Kumar Goel
Rajanderan V Rajoo3 V 1Ronald L Briones
Ronald L Briones3 V 0Taro Yachi
Ronald L Briones3 V 1Andy Sham Hj Samsudin
Ronald L Briones3 V 1Mohan Kumar Goel
Taro Yachi3 V 1Andy Sham Hj Samsudin
Taro Yachi3 V 0Mohan Kumar Goel
Andy Sham Hj Samsudin3 V 0Mohan Kumar Goel
1Bernie Smith122108
2Joe Tan Wai Hong10556
3Ratnam Rakunathan9814
4Behrouzinia Hamid49-52
5Sohail Saif Chaudhry112-110
Bernie Smith3 V 1Joe Tan Wai Hong
Bernie Smith3 V 1Ratnam Rakunathan
Bernie Smith3 V 0Sohail Saif Chaudhry
Bernie Smith3 V 0Behrouzinia Hamid
Joe Tan Wai Hong3 V 2Ratnam Rakunathan
Joe Tan Wai Hong3 V 0Sohail Saif Chaudhry
Joe Tan Wai Hong3 V 0Behrouzinia Hamid
Ratnam Rakunathan3 V 1Sohail Saif Chaudhry
Ratnam Rakunathan3 V 1Behrouzinia Hamid
Behrouzinia Hamid3 V 0Sohail Saif Chaudhry
1Rizal S Barellano Jr12398
2Kenichi Kutsuzawa11926
3Nitin Kumar79-22
4Awang Muhammad Rusli610-42
5SR Thilagan611-52
Rizal S Barellano Jr3 V 2Kenichi Kutsuzawa
Rizal S Barellano Jr3 V 1Awang Muhammad Rusli
Rizal S Barellano Jr3 V 0SR Thilagan
Rizal S Barellano Jr3 V 0Nitin Kumar
Kenichi Kutsuzawa3 V 2Awang Muhammad Rusli
Kenichi Kutsuzawa3 V 2SR Thilagan
Kenichi Kutsuzawa3 V 2Nitin Kumar
Awang Muhammad Rusli3 V 1SR Thilagan
SR Thilagan3 V 2Nitin Kumar
Nitin Kumar3 V 0Awang Muhammad Rusli
1Tengku Hadzali Shah121118
2Robert Grant10466
3Ricky Yip Kam Fai59-42
4Muhammad Ishfaq49-52
5Amir Morovari Pilerod311-82
Tengku Hadzali Shah3 V 1Robert Grant
Tengku Hadzali Shah3 V 0Ricky Yip Kam Fai
Tengku Hadzali Shah3 V 0Muhammad Ishfaq
Tengku Hadzali Shah3 V 0Amir Morovari Pilerod
Robert Grant3 V 0Ricky Yip Kam Fai
Robert Grant3 V 1Muhammad Ishfaq
Robert Grant3 V 0Amir Morovari Pilerod
Ricky Yip Kam Fai3 V 0Muhammad Ishfaq
Muhammad Ishfaq3 V 0Amir Morovari Pilerod
Amir Morovari Pilerod3 V 2Ricky Yip Kam Fai
1Lourence Ilagan12668
2Pengiran Mohamed11566
3Kouji Aoki10734
4Periera Denis Kenneth49-52
5Ashfaque Sayed212-100
Lourence Ilagan3 V 2Kouji Aoki
Lourence Ilagan3 V 2Pengiran Mohamed
Lourence Ilagan3 V 1Periera Denis Kenneth
Lourence Ilagan3 V 1Ashfaque Sayed
Pengiran Mohamed3 V 2Kouji Aoki
Pengiran Mohamed3 V 0Periera Denis Kenneth
Pengiran Mohamed3 V 0Ashfaque Sayed
Kouji Aoki3 V 0Periera Denis Kenneth
Kouji Aoki3 V 1Ashfaque Sayed
Periera Denis Kenneth3 V 0Ashfaque Sayed
Last 16
Amin Abdul Ghani3 V 0Pengiran Mohamed
Rizal S Barellano Jr3 V 0Selbaraju Subramaniam
Tengku Hadzali Shah3 V 0Hiroshi Watanobe
Rajanderan V Rajoo3 V 1Joe Tan Wai Hong
Bernie Smith3 V 1Ronald L Briones
Lourence Ilagan3 V 0Graeme McElroy
Warren Parry3 V 1Kenichi Kutsuzawa
Robert Grant3 V 0Bobby Concepcion
Quarter Final
Amin Abdul Ghani3 V 1Rizal S Barellano Jr
Tengku Hadzali Shah3 V 0Rajanderan V Rajoo
Bernie Smith3 V 1Lourence Ilagan
Warren Parry3 V 1Robert Grant
Semi Final
Amin Abdul Ghani3 V 2Tengku Hadzali Shah
Warren Parry3 V 1Bernie Smith
Amin Abdul Ghani4 V 3Warren Parry
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